Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mistercool misting system

The Mistercool misting fan is an outdoor cooling system designed to cool outdoor areas where air conditioning is not practical to use.

How does the mist cool the outdoors?

Our Misting Fans uses flash evaporation to cool the air. When the tiny water droplets are released (as small as 5 microns, even smaller than human hair), it quickly evaporates into gas resulting to cooler surroundings.

What is the avg. temp drop when mistercool misting is applied?

You will experience an average temperature drop of 5° to 10° C from the ambient temperature.

Does it use high pressure pumps to create ultra fine droplets?

Mistercool does not use high pressure pumps and is a nozzle-less system. A high pressure pump is a system that is prone to clogging.

Does it consume the same energy as air-conditioning systems?

No, in fact Mistercool misting system does not emit any ozone depleting substance. It is a very environment friendly product.

Is it easy to install and operate?

The Mistercool Premier Series is a plug and use unit. By simply filling the tank with clean water, operators can plug the unit, turn on the fan with the mist controls, and voila!

Can it operate continuously throughout the day?

Yes, The Mistercool misting fans can operate within 8-10 hours of normal operation.

How easy is it to maintain the misting unit?

The Mistercool misting fans are designed for ease of use and maintenance. Maintenance includes regularly checking and cleaning the water pump filter, wiping off dust, and cleaning the misting head.

How large of an area does the misting system can cover?

The Mistercool misting fans come in different models to suit your needs. The Premier Series can cover up to 50 sq.m area. The Home Mist Fans can cover at least 10 sq.m

Does it have any undesirable health effects?

No, The Mistercool misting system produces very tiny droplets that immediately undergoes flash evaporation. There will be no ill effects as you will not get wet with our misting system