How to Use:Premiere Mist Fans

Mist Fan Model
  • 1
    Step One

    Make sure that the drain cap found at the bottom of the tank is firmly closed.

  • 2
    Step Two

    Pull the lock to open the tank lid

  • 3
    Step Three

    Open the water tank and fill it up with water. Keep the tank at least ¼ full to prevent the unit from moving. Close the tank and put the lock back on

  • 4
    Step Four

    After plugging into a power source, switch on the FAN first. After this, switch it on MIST, and press the red button. When turning it off, switch off the MIST FIRST, and then the FAN SWITCH

  • 5
    Step Five

    You can control the amount of mist by rolling the mist control knob valve clockwise or counter clockwise

  • 6
    Step Six

    Fan oscillation can be set to FIXED OR SWIVEL by adjusting the oscillation control knob. Always fan speed to 1 even when turned off.